blog closed.

I guess no one is surprised, after forever and a half, but I wanted to say a few things first and I think it’s only decent to give a little notice.

1.) My dad has severely restricted my internet access, aka I just don’t have time to run… six blogs, because there aren’t that many hours in the wifi.  Also, he’s been giving me a bajillion and one odd jobs to keep me busy even during those hours.

2.) This is probably permanent, even if I were to get the wifi back, because I feel like a total douchebag coming on and off of here like some kind of demented fucking butterfly.

3.) It was really, really lovely and I’ve had a lot of fun with this blog and I have to thank you guys for that and for getting me, at one point, over 700 followers.

4.) I know I’ve lost touch with a lot of you guys, which, frankly, sucks—if you want my skype, which I’m only on, of course, during the hours I have wifi for—you can shoot me an ask and I’ll give it to you.  If you don’t have or want skype, this is my Magneto blog.  I know it looks inactive right now, but I promise I’ll be back on it soon.

5.) I’m sorry about the whole demented butterfly shindig.

Let’s be the quiet realisation that our time has passed. 

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The dogs and the guard. Would you like them to remain unharmed, for now?

If you manage to do your job correctly, they shouldn’t even know you’re there.  

[And we all know Sebastian is perfectly capable of doing his job correctly.]

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Dreadful, really. 


Oh, I am always up for a game. Especially with you.

Especially with me?  Why, I’m charmed.

I don’t suppose you managed to keep anything from your last job?

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FANMIX MEME ⇢ a mix for your otp

lights out!  a moriarty / moran fanmix

i. evil and a heathen – franz ferdinand ii. big mouth strikes again – the smiths iii. the wondersmith and his sons - astronautalis iv. change (in the house of flies) - deftones v. tigers – sneaker pimps vi. bang bang you’re dead – dirty pretty things vii. mardy bum – arctic monkeys viii. follow the cops back home –placebo ix. lights out – mindless self indulgence x. electricity - suede xi. new love grows on trees – peter doherty xii. the guns of brixton (the clash cover) – arcade fire xiii. atrophy – the antlers

[ listen ]

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As well as can be expected, naturally. Awfully boring since I have to spend most of my time cooped up. I haven’t had any fun in a dreadfully long while.

Sounds awful.

So what would you say to a game?

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